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Plant Tonic | 250ml Spray

Plant Tonic | 250ml Spray

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Plant Tonic: All-Natural Pest-Control & Leaf Shine

This all-natural pest control blend was formulated and thoroughly tested by plant lovers, herbalists, gardeners, and beyond. Neem oil + other botanicals will deter, kill and prevent future infestations of insects and mould growth, while benefiting the health of your houseplants.

Effective against a multitude of pests, including fungus gnats, mealy bugs, aphids, thrips, scale, whiteflies, and more. Also fantastic for combating rust, mildew, blight, and other nasty infections that may plague your plants.

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Pest-control: Shake well, spray plants with a light mist all over, including stems, the underside of foliage, and soil. Disturb soil after misting to help distribute Tonic, then spray top of soil again. Do not wipe spray off of plants. Repeat 2-3x weekly until issue has resolved.

Prevention: Lightly mist foliage, stems, and soil every 1-2 weeks.

Leaf shine: Lightly mist foliage, wait one minute before polishing with a soft cloth.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Azadirachta indica Oil, Sapindus saponaria, Vegetable Glycerin, Castile Soap, Melaleuca alternifolia Oil, Mentha arvensis Oil, Rosmarinus officinalis Oil, Thymus serpyllum Oil, Lavandula officinalis Oil.

All formulas hand prepared in fresh batches in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.



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