Everything you need to know about Plant Goals gift cards!

Everything you need to know about Plant Goals gift cards!

Click here to send a digital gift card!

A gift card for plants? What could be better!

Sometimes it's tricky to pick out the perfect leafy present for a pal, especially if you're not sure about their lighting or what they already have in their collection.

We offer gift cards in a couple different ways to make it super simple for you to share the love!

Purchase a gift card in-store

All of our cards are digital based, but you can purchase one right at our shop and our staff will make sure you're able to get the code AND you'll get a fancy pants gift card with an envelope to give your BFF or mom or whoever!

Send a digital gift card

You can visit plantgoals.ca/giftcard and send a digital card right to your friend or family member's inbox. Easy peasy! You can even choose a future date if you want to have it arrive in their inbox in a few days or weeks :)

Purchase a digital gift card + give a physical card

You can click here to download a template that you can print out and give! We know it's nice to sometimes have that physical gift to include instead of just sending an email. All you have to do is send the digital gift card to your own email, then copy the 16-digit code (looks like a credit card number) right onto the card you printed.

A Plant Goals gift card is a great option for anyone who loves houseplants or is maybe just getting started in the hobby. Send online or pop by the shop to get yours! 

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