How To Order

Updated April 7, 2021: During the Stay At Home order, the shop is closed and we will be offering delivery + curbside pickup.

Thank you for reading this entire page before placing your order.


At the bottom of your cart page you will see options for booking your delivery or in-store pickup!

For delivery, you may choose any of the dates available at your time of checkout. If you don't choose at checkout, you will get an email reminding you.

Be sure to choose the correct delivery zone -- Peterborough, Kawartha Lakes, Northumberland. CLICK HERE for our map to make sure you're inside one of our zones. Dates are subject to change in future.

For curbside pickup, you can choose any of the dates available. If a date is crossed off, that means it's full or too far in the future. Thank you! When you come for curbside, you will find your order placed outside the shop at your pickup time. Please mask up before collecting your order.

Note: If you end up placing more than one order and you'd like to get them at the same time, choose any date/time for delivery/pickup then email (or hit reply on your order confirmation) and we will combine your orders for you.


If you need to change your delivery or pickup date, here's how:

  1. Head to:
  2. Login OR create an account using the same email you used to place your order
  3. Open your order from the account page by clicking the order #
  4. Click the reschedule link at the top of your order page


You can choose one of four payment options when your order from our online shop -- Credit Card, PayPal, e-Transfer, or Gift Card.

Here's what you need to know:

  • Credit Card + PayPal are pretty straightforward. Enter your details, make sure you choose the correct delivery/pickup method, and you're good to go!
  • For e-Transfer, choose that option at the checkout and you'll see additional info to complete your payment. Our e-Transfer email is and does not require a password. Please complete your payment within an hour to hold your order.
  • To pay for ALL or PART of your order with a Gift Card do NOT use the Express Pay options at checkout. Please enter your account and address info first, then move forward to the payment section. Choose the Gift Card option when you see the four different payment options listed, then send an email to with your Gift Card number. We will get back to you with your remaining balance or amount owing. Do not enter the Gift Card number on our site, it will not work.


You can check your order history via your account. Sign in or create an account using the same email you entered at checkout to see all of your orders.