The Plant Goals Guarantee

Hiya, plant lovers! At Plant Goals we do not have a set guarantee timeframe because let's be honest, plants just don't work like that. Here's what we offer instead!

If you purchase a plant at our shop, we are happy to share advice and resources so that you're ready and able to give that plant the care it needs. If you are having issues with a plant that you've purchased from us, get in touch and we'll do our best to help you make it happy!

We also encourage you to do your own research to learn as much about your new plants as possible. It's all a part of plant parenthood :)

Our no. 1 goal is that you bring a plant home that you get to enjoy.

If this isn't the case, get in touch so we can help make it right, either through helping you give it the best care, replacing a plant, or offering a refund or store credit if there's an issue we simply can't fix.

And here's the part we don't want to write: If you kill a plant due to plain old neglect, please be a good human and don't blame us. It's bad karma, probably. But if a plant clearly came to you with an issue we didn't spot, we will make it right. We're good humans too :)

If you receive a plant via delivery or pickup and there are any issues with it when you receive the plant, please take photos and email within 24 hours so we can make it right.

We inspect every plant that hits our inventory and gets packed up for delivery and pickup, but we're not perfect and it's absolutely possible we may miss something! Just let us know.

Please be sure to keep in mind that plants need time to acclimate to new living conditions. It is natural for some leaves to be shed during this time, especially as plants move from greenhouse to plant shop to your home. But if you see something weird or just want to be sure, definitely let us know!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email and include photos (close up and of the whole plant), when the plant was purchased, care details (watering, lighting, humidity), and any other information that can help us figure out what it needs.

Thank you!