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Our Plant Tonic makes a fantastic addition for your customers!

This all-natural pest-control and leaf shine spray is a must-have for plant lovers, whether they are just getting started with plants or they are seasoned pros.

This blend has been formulated with neem oil, essential oils, and castile soap to treat and prevent houseplants pests (fungus gnats, mealy bugs, aphids, thrips, scale, whiteflies, and more) as well as rust, mildew, blight, and other nasty infections that may plague your plants.

Every plant owner can benefit from this non-toxic spray -- not only does it take care of pests and fungus, it also makes for a fantastic leaf shine without damaging your foliage. There's nothing more satisfying than shining up a gorgeous monstera or bird of paradise leaf with Plant Tonic!

A perfect fit for plant shops, gift shops, nurseries and garden centers, tourist areas, wellness and health shops, and more!

To get started with Plant Tonic in your shop, use the form below or email hello@plantgoals.ca. Thanks so much!

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