Aglaonema Care Guide

Aglaonema Care Guide

How to keep it happy

Aglaonema love bright indirect light but they can also handle a little bit, which makes them a great choice for spots that don't have perfect lighting conditions.

Varieties with more colours, like the Creta or Valentine which have gorgeous red and pink foliage respectively, will give you the best show with more light. Aim for bright indirect light with these plants.

Your aglaonema prefers to have soil that is moist but not soggy. You can let the top begin to dry before watering thoroughly. You will know this plant is thirsty when the leaves begin to droop and curl a little.

Also called

Chinese evergreen

Pet safety

This plant is toxic to cats and dogs.

Fun fact

As these plants grow taller and taller, you'll notice they start to cane up and lose their lower leaves -- this is a totally normal part of how they grow. Aglaonema come in a HUGE variety of different colours making them a perfect collectible!

Troubleshooting your plant

Wilting, droopy, curling foliage = likely needs water, thoroughly water and allow to drain

Limp, stem mushy, soft brown spots = overwatered, allow soil to dry, make sure it has good airflow

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