5 easy houseplants that make a great gift!

5 easy houseplants that make a great gift!

If you're picking up a new plant for someone with a green thumb, it's pretty easy to choose since you're probably on the hunt for something fun to add to their collection.

However, if you're not sure about how plant-savvy your pal is, or if you want to make sure your coworkers new leafy friend happy, you want to choose something that's low maintenance to set them up for success!

Here are five fun ideas for houseplants that are not only fun to watch grow, but super simple to care for so that your gift keeps on giving all year long.


The tried and true! This is one of our first recommendations for beginners who want something that grows quick. Pothos love bright indirect light, but can handle a little lower. Water when it's dry and looks a little droopy.

These vines grow super long! Hang in a macramé hanger, grab a basket to hang from the ceiling, add it to any shelf or windowsill (make sure it's not too cold) or pop it on your desk. So versatile, so many options -- we love the marble queens, but you can also get neon (so bright!), golden, jade... the list goes on! This is one of those plants that once you get hooked, you just want them ALL.


We often describe snake plants as "furniture", as in, they are so easy it's basically like buying a chair. A chair that can handle lots of light, but tolerates low light conditions like a boss. You may also find you're only watering it about once a month during the winter, and a little more in the growing season but only when the soil is TOTALLY dry. These guys hang out in sand in the wild, so the only way you're going to kill it is overwatering. Ignore it and it'll be happy!

There are also a ton of different varieties -- another plant you'll want to start collecting ASAP! Black gold, laurentii, black coral, zeylanica, boncel.. so many!


The ZZ plant, short for Zamioculcas zamiifolia, has been around a LONG time. This is a centuries old plant that can handle just about anything you throw at it. It'll be living it's best life in bright indirect light with minimal water, but does very well in low light situations, just like a snake plant. 

New growth spirals up from its rhizome-like root structure in a bright green and darkens with age, making it a very satisfying plant to watch grow!


Also called a Syngonium or an arrowhead plant, for the shape of the foliage, these guys are what I'm calling "the new pothos". I think they are a little underrated and honestly they are SIMPLE to care for. They come in a variety of gorgeous colours, you can trim them back for a bushier plant or let them vine like a philodendron or pothos. They can handle imperfect lighting and you can water when they are pretty dry.

Beautiful, simple, and with so many varieties, there's something for everyone.


You might know this one as a money tree! The aquatica part of their name is a hint to where they grow and how they like moist soil. Give them bright light, don't let them dry out, and watch them flourish. These can get BIG (I have one at home that's about 4' tall and it started TINY about seven years ago.)

A tip for keeping their canopy even is to give their pot a 1/4 turn each time you water to keep them from reaching one way toward the light. These usually come as several plants with a braided-together trunk giving them a really neat look. Always a favourite!

I hope this gives you a few good ideas for your gift-giving this holiday season and beyond.

And, if you're just starting out with plants, pass this along as your wishlist to someone who might just know you'd love to open up a new plant this year!

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