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Gardeners' Formula Hand Scrub | Rosemary Spearmint

Gardeners' Formula Hand Scrub | Rosemary Spearmint

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This all-natural formula was created with gardening and DIYing hands in mind! Our Hand Scrub is a soap and an exfoliator with a moisturizing twist. Fine pumice, apricot kernel and jojoba oil beads leave your hands clean, but without feeling stripped and dried out!

Use just as you would a hand soap, but also use your hands and fingers to get the exfoliants into all the cracks and under your nails. The result will be soft, grime-free hands.

Shake before using.

Ingredients: soap base from coconut, apricot kernel, ground pumice, jojoba oil beads, rosemary and spearmint essential oils, corn starch.

All formulas hand prepared in fresh batches in Whitby, Ontario, Canada.

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