Plant Goals Pre-Orders

Let's dive in to everything you need to know about our pre-orders!

What is a pre-order?

You are ordering something that we will have made after the pre-order timeline. This helps us to see what the demand is for a certain product and makes sure we have enough! Photos are mocked up and colours may vary slightly depending on your device, but we're usually pretty spot on :)

Note: On preorders the bottom of the item description will say that it's not available online or in-store. This is due to how the backend part runs and you can ignore it :)

How long does a pre-order run?

Our pre-orders run around 1-2 weeks, depending on the item. Then, after the pre-order timeline is over, you can expect a 1-2 week wait before items are available for pickup and delivery. We will always email you when your goodies are ready!

Can I order other items with my pre-order?

We ask that pre-order items are purchased separately from other items at the shop. This helps with our backend organization and delivery fees. Thank you so much!

If you have any questions, send a note to and we'll be in touch!