5" Single Spike Phalaenopsis | Moth Orchid

by Plant Goals

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These are some seriously stunning plants. Commonly called moth orchids, these plants don't require much care at all and they make a perfect gift!

Bright indirect light is best, but this variety can handle slightly lower lighting. Orchids require airflow around their roots and are best kept in their plastic orchid nursery pots and placed in a decorative pot. Water thoroughly once roots appear more silver than green, then allow for a full drying period between watering. Never use cold water, always lukewarm and you may want to have it sit out overnight to get rid of chlorine from city water. Some people like to submerge their orchid roots in water for an hour to soak up what they need and rehydrate, then put it back where it lives to dry again. Once the flowers (which can last upwards of 12 weeks from time of bloom) are spent, you can trim back the spike and allow your plant to have a dormancy period. For more phalaenopsis advice, click here. For an in depth look at orchids, click here.

These plants are in plastic orchid nursery pots, inside a decorative plastic potcover. Pink/purple variety packed at random.

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