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3.5" Radermachera Sinica | China Doll Plant

3.5" Radermachera Sinica | China Doll Plant

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With it's dainty, glossy leaves, the Radermachera sinica is relatively new to the houseplant trade. In its native habitat, in southern China and in Taiwan, this plant can grow to be 30' tall.

Loves plenty of bright indirect light, keep soil moist by never soggy, watering only when the top of the soil starts to feel dry. You won't need to repot this plant for a while, they enjoy being rootbound, so you can let it go quite some time before upgrading its home. These plants also don't enjoy change, so once you've found a happy spot for it in your home, leave it there and watch it thrive.

Know your plant: Bright Indirect Light, Pet Friendly

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