What does the Red Zone mean for our shop?

What does the Red Zone mean for our shop?

This update was shared with our newsletter crew but we wanted to make sure everyone had access. Thank you!

Hello, plant lovers! We have a few updates on what's happening at the shop, now that we have been pushed back to the Red Zone.

For stores like ours, it means operating at 50% capacity. When we were in Yellow, with the distancing regulations, we were able to have 3 folks come inside to shop at once. At 50% that's just 1.5, which rounds down to one lovely human at a time.

So, what does this look like for visiting the shop?

We've updated our signage to let you know that ONE person or ONE household can come inside at a time. I know it's not much, and we did debate closing the doors entirely, but we have decided to remain open with this new guidelines in place. 

It's a bummer for sure, but we want to keep our staff employed, we want to give our customers the option to either visit in person or shop online for pickup and delivery as always, and we truly hope that things will improve enough over the next few weeks so that we can take a step in the right direction once again.

We have also reinstated free local delivery during this time.

This is a very hard setback for so many businesses, especially for our friends in the food industry. We thank you for all the support you have shown our little plant shop during this time and we encourage our customers to spread that local love around as much as possible, as I know so many of you are! (The Boro is a fantastic resource!)

There are so many wonderful humans in this city and the amount of support and dedication to keeping local alive has been incredibly heartwarming.

Thank you for navigating this with us. I know it's exhausting trying to keep up with what we can and can't do and we appreciate your patience as things continue to evolve.

Thank you!

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